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Sabbatique Tenerife 2010

Table des matières (Cacher)

  1. 1. Technical report
  2. 2. The Project
    1. 2.1 Title
    2. 2.2 Summary
  3. 3. La Palma and Tenerife Light pollution references
  4. 4. Manuals
  5. 5. Projet proposal
  6. 6. Ressource allocation to compute Canada
  7. 7. Weekly time table
  8. 8. List of equipments
  9. 9. Field campaign
  10. 10. IAC web service

1.  Technical report

2.  The Project

2010 IAC Invited Scientist project proposal

Martin Aubé, Ph.D.

CÉGEP de Sherbrooke, Canada

Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

2.1  Title

Assessing the contribution from different parts of Canary islands to the hemispheric spectral sky luminance levels over European Northern Observatories.

2.2  Summary

We suggest to use a third generation sky luminance model which account for heterogeneous distribution of light fixtures, their photometry, the ground reflectance and topography along with hyperspectral sky luminance measurements to infer contribution of different zones of Canary islands to astronomical observation sites sky luminances. This sensitive study will allow the identification and evaluation of critical island zones. The project aim to identify and characterize zones at which any lighting level increase or decrease may have a larger impact on light pollution at both European Northern Observatory sites, and then help to control and/or reduce their light pollution levels.

3.  La Palma and Tenerife Light pollution references

4.  Manuals

5.  Projet proposal

6.  Ressource allocation to compute Canada

7.  Weekly time table

8.  List of equipments

9.  Field campaign

10.  IAC web service

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